All used batteries and rechargeable batteries must be returned

More and more devices need the mobile energy donors. So that disused batteries do not end up carelessly in the garbage can, the trade is obliged to take back free of charge, whether car battery, block battery, Button or round cell. The top user requirement is after uses return the damage cell.In fact, that does not even apply to half of all old batteries. Only about 46% of disused power cell are returned. Unfortunately, most used batteries are still not recycled or properly disposed of. All exhausted batteries and rechargeable batteries must be returned in the trade. This applies regardless of labels.

The proper process is better than improper disposal

When buying, customers must be informed in the store by giving instructions on their return obligation.Lithium batteries are becoming increasingly popular. For safe handling of these batteries, you should observe the following tips. Stick the poles during storage and before disposal, so that no short circuits occur. Never expose lithium batteries or devices with lithium batteries to extreme heat and take care that they do not come into contact with water. Do not use defective lithium batteries.Even who gives back starter batteries from the car does not need to pull the wallet because their return is free. With Kinsbursky recycling service, battery recycling is no more a headache. It’s very simple. Like playing a video game, plug and play. You just need to contact with them and they take the responsibilities with recycling your used battery and any other components.

Some old batteries and rechargeable batteries contain a lot of pollutants. They can contain large amounts of lead, cadmium and mercury, so do not throw it carelessly into the residual waste but put it into the separate collection boxes. And beware, even the batteries labeled 0% mercury, 0% cadmium does not mean they are pollutant free. They may contain corrosive, water or environmentally hazardous substances such as potassium hydroxide or sulfuric acid. For example, some zinc carbon batteries are advertised as 0% mercury and cadmium. However, they contain the heavy metal lead. This is recognizable by the abbreviation PB, which one finds however only with exact look since this note stands on the back of the packing.

Conclusion: the most important part

If the old car battery is not delivered to the Internet retailer but to a local stationary dealer, then this dealer is obliged to confirm the return in writing or electronically without reimbursement of the deposit. With this proof which must not be older than two weeks, the customers should have the pledge immediately refunded by online trading.Batteries for electric bikes can be returned wherever they were purchased. There are products that can do without batteries, such as automatic wristwatches or mechanical toys.


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