Auto screens in the Sheet space

As for the high-quality View ports in the Sheet space, their main task is to organize the drawing and prepare it for printing. You can create a different number of such screens, giving them the right size, properties, scale model, etc.

AutoCAD – viewport on Sheets

To prepare a drawing for printing, you need to switch to the Sheet space. In other words, the sheet is a prototype of the future of your drawing. First of all, you need to go to the Sheet space, for this you need to click the LMC on the Sheet1 tab.

Sheet Space in AutoCAD

The viewport (VE) of the sheet space is nothing more than a primitive. Each viewport is a kind of image frame in model space containing a view in which the model is displayed in a given scale and orientation. Thus, through the viewport we enter the model space. If you double-click LMC inside the viewport, it becomes active and we have access to the Model space where the drawings are located. Rotating the mouse wheel, we can change the scale, thereby moving away or approaching the objects of the drawing.

AutoCAD viewport (active)

Note the numbers that change when scaling at the bottom of the screen:

The current scale in the AutoCAD viewport

This is the current scale of the drawing. To select the standard scale value that corresponds to GOST, click on the small arrow near the numbers.

Select a scale in AutoCAD

A list of standard scales will open. If necessary, you can add a new value. To do this, select “Custom …” – “Add”.

Scale value in AutoCAD

Editing the drawing scale in AutoCAD

A dialog box appears, in which you specify the name and properties of the scale. Create a new scale value of 1: 200,

  • Add a scale to AutoCAD
  • Now set the new scale value:
  • New value of scale in AutoCAD for CE
  • To exit the viewport, double-click the LMC on the sheet outside the VE.

In the sheet space, you can create one viewport that occupies the entire sheet, or multiple viewports. If you select it, you will see four knobs for editing.


Editing the viewport in AutoCAD

The dimensions, properties, scale and location of the viewports can vary. In addition, they can be copied and taken out of the sheet.

Create a new CE in sheet space

To create a new viewport, you can go to the Sheet tab – the Layout Viewports panel. Note that there are several options for creating a CE: a rectangular shape, a polygonal shape, or a generally arbitrary shape.

Creation of RE in AutoCAD of different shapes

Also, you can simply copy an existing RE by using the “Copy “editing command. Perhaps this is the most correct way, if you need to specify the same size of the viewports on one sheet.

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