Packaging tips for packages and the Proper Transportation

Unfortunately, many packages are damaged every day during transport with parcel services. The reason is often insufficient packaging, which does not withstand the burdens of parcel transport. For example, the impacts caused by sorting systems or the pressure of load boardscollectivetransport your shipments get damaged.

The parcel insurance companies do not compensate damages if the consignor has poorly packed the goods (instead they are often liable only if a parcel is lost). Although they offers major customers insurance cover for damage in transit, but only if the packaging has been previously certified and tested in a laboratory. However, private senders have to take care of proper packaging themselves.

The right outer packaging

If you want to send something, first of all the question arises, in which they pack the goods. Always use outer packaging and never ship products in a sales package. If you want to send a pair of shoes, you should not just bring the shoe box to the post office, but pack the shoe box in a shipping box. For this purpose, a stable, cuboid cardboard packaging, this is a little larger than the goods.

It is best not to take cardboard boxes out of the supermarket because they are too thin. If your package is at the bottom of the truck, it must be able to withstand the pressure of 20 other packages. However, in favor of parcel services, it has to be said that employees do not stack heavy parcels on light parcels. Small and lightweight packages are sometimes even transported on separate conveyor lines.

Your package is not rectangular?

Parcel service’s levy bulky goods surcharges when a parcel is not cuboid or rectangular. The reason for this is that such packages are not capable of being tied up, that is not automatically eligible. Instead, misshapen packages have to be manually processed in the package center, which takes longer and therefore incurs higher costs. You avoid the expensive costs of bulky goods packages by using a suitably large packaging box, so that the product does not survive and causes no buckling. The voids in the box are padded with filler.

Incidentally, you can also send envelopes or bubble envelopes as a parcel or parcel, provided that the minimum dimensions are met and the contents are not flexible. The minimum size for parcel or parcel is 15 x 11 x 1 cm. For packages / parcels, it is not mandatory to use a box. Conversely, you can use cartons to send Maxi letters or shipments, as long as the maximum dimensions are respected.

A special case is the delivery in roll form, e.g. of posters, maps, plans. Package rolls are similar to bulky goods with a surcharge. At the logistics company you have to buy a so-called roll mark in addition to the package mark. However, if you ship with local transporter, the roll delivery is possible at no extra cost. This applies to rolls up to 100cm in length and a diameter of max. 20 cm. To avoid the roll surcharge on other parcel services, you can simply package rolled goods in a rectangular, oblong shipping sleeve. Smart loadboards services are now here for the senders also. With the same you will be able to have the best options now.

The right filling material

Depending on the nature of the item to be dispatched, a suitable inner packaging must be selected. For example, you can send a pair of shoes less padded than a digital camera. The heavier the goods, the stronger the cushioning material should be.

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