Fine Opportunities for You With the Right Indian Snacks

If you know Indian food from other countries, e.g. Great Britain, you will be disappointed with most Indian restaurants in Vienna. Unfortunately, with only a few exceptions, the chefs have adapted to the local taste; The Indian dishes served in this country are usually much underpinned, and spicy curries can hardly be found anywhere.

The Charge of the Indian Restaurants

Many Indian restaurants charge an extra amount for the place setting (between about € 0.75 and € 2). Do not be upset afterwards, but look for it in the menu before! If a place setting is charged, but you should already get a spotless tablecloth, cloth napkins, a papadam or a digestive. In any case, you do not have to have a bad conscience when you paw with the curry sauce – after all, you pay for the fact that the tablecloth is changed!

The Options

Some restaurants offer lunch lunches or lunch buffets for lunch. My experience is that normally neither the buffet meals nor the menus are really representative. You can really judge a restaurant only on the basis of à la carte dishes. A really good restaurant is usually not open for lunch, but in the evening, when the food is expensive.

What is the best way to drink Indian food?

Our experience is that beer fits best, ideally an Indian beer. As a rule, a fresh, slightly fruity white wine, such as Welschriesling, Neuburger or Sauvignon blanc, also goes well with chicken and sambusa.

No longer in the mood for the westernized Indian cuisine of the big hotels?

Dare to calm yourself in a well-furnished city restaurant! You will be presented with an English-speaking menu, plates, knives and forks.

You are not expected to eat like the locals in the south with your fingers from the banana leaf. But if you eat like many Indians without cutlery, you never lead food with the left, impure hand to the mouth, which is regarded as uncivilized! However, good city restaurants are rarely sown except in the big cities like Delhi, Kolkata or Mumbai. The best food is usually served in the more upscale hotels, most of whose restaurants are not just open to house guests. Even Indians like to meet friends in hotel restaurants – because of the quality of the cuisine, but also because of the amazingly low prices.


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