Finest Opportunities for the African Shows

And now, the new site is a reality, the forum also and it was therefore necessary to update the guide on streaming to integrate all the new features of the business. Since the original publication of the guide, the main actor of streaming Twitch has evolved to open the floodgates of theinsecurity, professionalization, sorry. It has never been so easy to film yourself playing video games and to do it well, you can count on our guide.


Whether you broadcast your party on Overwatch, PUBG or wish to broadcast a great international competition, practices like hardware are not necessarily identical. This guide is built around different approaches; from simply pressing the Share button on your PS4 to registering the status of your company and purchasing a Tricaster 8000. An extensive program, preceded by some basic concepts but you will need to know if you want to win your place in the sun.

Make no mistake; streaming a part-time or full-time job requires a huge personal investment. Beyond clich├ęs based on pats on the back and wages paid in passion or goodies, there is above all a job to create, to invent. Before addressing the administrative issue in the last part of this file, we will give you here the tips, information and tutorials to prepare you to face the jungle of Twitchbecause yes, there is no serious competitor at the time of publication of the guide. In you will be having the best deals.

By dint of regularity, demonstration of skill or a skill of extraordinary animator, it sometimes happens that the desire to become pro points the tip of his nose. Now that Twitch has opened the floodgates of partnership for all thanks to the “Twitch successes”, it is clear that professionalization is within everyone’s reach. As long as the income does not allow you to buy something other than a coffee or a pastry, there is no question of slamming his resignation in the face of his direction, but one day, who knows?

For starters, a little theory

A very didactic first part to understand how a digital video works and to approach notions like the flow, the definition or the report of image.The kind of thing to know to tell it in the evening or know how to help in the urgency of a live.

All the material for Streamer

Our small selection of materials to stream, webcam to micro to go to the green funds and acquisition cards.

Software for Streamer

A presentation of the main software OBS Studio and XSplit with more videos to discover their basic operation.

Capture his video game console

A list of the most recent consoles and details on how to capture them correctly.

Monetize its content

We attack here the bottom of the guide with an overview of the different ways to generate income through your activity.

Understanding self-employment

Finally, a brief overview of the status of autoentrepreneur with explanations and useful information to find out what you are getting into.

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