How to automate processes in the hotel and find a solution to sell in low season?

Low season is the very difficult period of time for the hotel. The number of guests becomes much less, in this regard there are questions:
How to increase occupancy of the hotel during a low season?
How to increase the profitability of the hotel at the decrease in tourist flow?
Usual practice – placement depreciation, granting various special offers, discounts, and bonuses for guests, but, as a rule, it isn’t enough of it that all numbers have been occupied in this time, difficult for the hotel.

Ways of solutions to these problems

You carry out the analysis of client base and responses of guests using the hotel CRM Each client is very important in the hotel business. Study base of guests who at your stop, divide them into separate groups (traveling, regular customers, etc.), find out what attracts them in your hotel after that develop for them additional special offers.
Increase the loyalty of clients.

Make group offers , for example, for families with children with free additional bonuses.

Monitoring of responses helps to find out advantages of your hotel or its shortcomings, respectively it is possible to place emphasis on your pros.
How to increase the profitability of the hotel at the decrease in tourist flow
Organization of events in low season

Try to make banquet and conference rooms in the hotel, they are always demanded. Holding various weddings, seminars, and pieces of training in the territory of your institution will be as it is impossible by the way. It is possible to think up the quest or to organize a thematic holiday, for example, by Day of the health worker, or to date an action for a city holiday.
Weekend tours

Practice shows that not only travel agencies can successfully sell similar tours. Hotels can independently organize fine thematic weekend, attracting visitors.


Establish new partner agreements with the organizations surrounding your institution and offer them mutually beneficial cooperation (travel agencies, excursion bureaus, the wedding agencies, the local museums etc.).

Internet strategy

During a low season it is necessary to continue advertising and marketing activity, to be engaged in SEO advance of the website, to organize joint actions with the coupon websites and portals devoted to travel, rest and tourism, to conduct posts in social networks.

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