Repairing water damage caused by breakage and bursting of a pipe

Water damage caused by broken plumbing pipe water, like fire, can cause severe damage to your property and home. Breakage of plumbing pipes can lead to costly floods. The cost of water damage repair can even be exponential if you live in a condominium or apartment. Water damage is not limited to your home. The water will follow the gravity without limitation and all materials in contact with moisture will need to be replaced to avoid spores and mold.

Every year, thousands of homeowners make claims to their insurance companies for water damage. In general, these problems and requests could have been avoided.

Protect your investment

In homes, the main causes of pipe bursts are caused by the washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, outdoor faucets in your home and an extended absence from your home left without sufficient heating.

A tip often reported by plumbers and insurance companies, in order to minimize the damage caused by the breakage of water pipe is: know the location and operation of the stop of your main water pipe. Whether you are connected to the municipal water system or your water comes from a well, all people living under your roof should know the location and operation of shut off the valve from the main water supply.

Any pipe leaks can eventually cause mold and especially when plumbing is hidden behind walls or under cabinets. A good habit, therefore, is to regularly inspect cabinets under sinks and sinks.

Costly repairs

In short, following a flood due to a broken water hose, your insurance company will probably pay for the replacement of your carpet. But any costs incurred by replacing expensive building materials may be at your expense. Some major flood scenarios that no one is immune to

  • In winter, the temperature in your home drops below 10 degrees. Your water pipes freeze and burst. Your floor is now covered with 15 centimeters of water.
  • In summer, your pool has a leak. Water is absorbed by your lawn, you only realize it when your basement is flooded.
  • The pipes of your washing machine give way, flooding your basement or neighbors below. Thousands of dollars will be needed to relocate these people for weeks and to treat or replace all materials in contact with water.
  • A sewer backup can also be the cause flood your basement.



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