Utility of the Power Glove Now for Your Use

When exercising the profession of electrician, the hands are often the most affected members in case of an accident of electrical origin. That’s why it’s important to protect them with a pair of work gloves specifically designed for the electrical trade.

What the law says

Every employer is required to carry out the necessary tests to determine the risks to which workers are exposed in the workplace as well as their intensity. This rule established by French law also prevails for risks of electrical origin. Each employer is required to assess the risks of electrical accidents in the workplace and to put in place the necessary measures to inform and protect its employees. It is therefore up to the employer to choose the pair of insulating work gloves that will provide the best protection against electrical hazards.

Choosing your work gloves for the job of electrician

There is a basic guide to choose your work powerglove protecting against electrical hazards, it is the affixing of the European standard EN 60903 or EN 1149-1 (electrostatic risks). If this standard is written on the gloves with its associated pictograms, it is indeed that the pair of gloves has passed the quality control tests imposed by the European Union. Protective gloves should be provided to protect against risk of electrocution as well as electrocution. The electrician’s work gloves are often made of latex, nylon, water-repellent bovine leather or polyurethane. In some cases, the electrician trade may require the wearing of over-gloves or cuffs, for better protection and greater comfort.

The role of the employer: to limit the risks

In addition to the obligation to provide insulating work gloves suitable for the handling of power lines or machines with or without voltage, the employer must provide his electricians with all the tools necessary for the performance of their duties and specially designed in order to reduce the risk of electrical transmission. It is also advisable for the employer to indicate the danger zones of electrical origin with appropriate signs and / or pictograms.

In case of an accident of electrical origin, the first minutes are the most important. Immediately think about turning off the power. It is strongly recommended that you always have a first aid kit nearby to treat minor, moderate and burn injuries. If the consequences are more serious, call for help immediately.



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